Regan McKenzie (spiritswalkbyme) wrote,
Regan McKenzie

The Background: Explanation of past and powers.

Name: Regan Mc Kenzie
Age: 32
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 148
Hair: red
Eyes: brown
Powers: ability to see either/or the past, future, or present and the ability to see spirits or ghosts.
Weaknesses: There are several drawbacks to powers. Being around ghosts weakens her and makes her ill. Having the visions weakens her to where she can't stand.

She was born and raised in the Carpathain Mountains; her mother was a seer in a carnival, her father the foreman. They were familiars of the Talos family; providing information through their travels of rival families doings.

When Regan was five years old she wandered to far from the carnival's camp, and became lost in the woods. When darkness fell, the terrified little girl was approached by a man named Dimitri Kosonova. The man took the little girl's hand and lead the girl back to her camp. When she arrived at the camp, she was told that no man had shown her the way to the camp. When she told her parents and several locals the name of the man, she was informed that she had to have been wrong. Dimitri Kosonova had died twenty years prior in the very woods she had gotten lost in.

Two years later a lycan clan attacked the traveling carnival in the Talos Territory of the Carpathian Mountains. Her mother ran with the little girl and left her in a clearing with express orders to not return to the carnival until sunrise; then her mother rushed back to help her husband. Both were killed.

When the sun rose, Regan returned to the carnival, and remained by the side of her dead parents.

That night, Jarko Grimwood was dispatched to survey the area and find clues as to who or what had slaughtered the carnival workers. As he was surveying the damage he came across Regan and remembered seeing her beside a trusted familiar to the Talos line.

He decided to return to the Talos stronghold with the little girl and she became a pet to Jarko, Asher, and Danica until she was old enough to take over the duties and role of a familiar. She was taught all that she would need to know to survive in the vampire world.

When Danica decided to awaken Drake, Regan was once more hit with visions. She foretold the slaughter of the Nightstalkers, the failure of Day Star, and the kidnapping of a young girl.

When Drake killed the Nightstalkers, he returned to Phoenix Towers with a young girl named Zoe. Regan immediately took the young child under her wing, going so far as to publically question Drake as to his intentions towards Zoe.

After Drake's victory and the death of Blade, Danica, King, and Whistler; Drake decided to keep Zoe as his own daughter. With that intention in mind, he blocked all her memories of her past, and became Zoe's father.

Even if Regan was unsure of how he went about it, she did not question the fact. Instead she supported it, even going so far as to become Zoe's nanny and a companion to Drake. Over the years that she was with them, she's come to love Zoe as her own daughter, and to respect and care for Drake as well.

Jarko and Asher also swore allegiance to Drake, and have continued to be a part of that mixed up family. They guard Zoe and Regan with their lives, knowing if they should fail that Drake would surely kill them.

((Regan is an OC based upon an alternate reality of movie Blade Trinity. I do not own the movie rights to the Blade movies, nor am I Regan's PB, who is a lovely woman named Edain Eternal. I make no money off of this, so please don't sue.))
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